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Just some of our client Comments

'Oh... on a completely different note, I have been using the Rejuvenate gel on my face for about 3 weeks now and even though I started off disliking the smell, I absolutely love the product now! Therešs been some noticeable improvements as a result of daily use (morning & evening), my skin tone is now more even than ever before. I no longer wake up with small red patches on my cheeks.
I have reactive skin and many moisturisers (even those formulated for sensitive skin) leave my face tight and uncomfortable. With the rejuvenate gel, I wake up with calm, supple skin. Therešs only one other product that leaves my skin feeling this way (Natura Bissešs Sensitive Moisturiser) but it costs Ŗ50 (50ml) and it doesnšt have any effect on my skin tone! I absolutely love your Rejuvenate gel, Dr Holmes.' Laura G, London, 2008

'… (Scar) saved my life. After my tattoo was removed, I got MRSA in the wounds. After you treated my back with ozone, you warned me I would probably be scarred for the rest of my life. Well, 2 months after I started using 'Scar' and 'Rejuvenate', my back has grown a new skin surface, with no scarring. I am over whelmed by the effects of your creams; they have saved my life'. Mandy G, Cape Town, 2008

'My daughter is allergic to everything. 'Eczema' and 'Psoriasis' are the only creams and gels I can use without her breaking into a rash. I just wish you sold these in larger containers!' Dr Whelan W, USA, 2008

'I have been using your 'After-Sun' for a year now. I have not burnt once. And after I burnt my arm on our oven at home, I applied your gel; the pain went after about 2-5 minutes, and it never blistered. Amazing! Thank you.' Fran H, Germany, 2009

'I am very fair, and usually burn at least 3 or 4 times each year in our summers. After getting your 'After-Sun' I have not burnt for the last 12 months. Fantastic products and I travel with them in my bag now.' Helmut V, SA, 2007

'I would not travel without your skin products; I put 'Rejuvenate' on every day, and my husband cannot understand how your product that costs 10th that of what I used to use, works so well!' Nicole B, USA, 2007

'We stock your skin care products in our shop. Our clients love them because they are organic and do what they say they do.' Terri P, USA 2007

'After the birth of my second child, I had horrible stretch marks that my doctor told me I had to live with. RD told me about your 'Stretch', I tried it, and now they are almost gone, and it took only a few weeks. I can wear bikinis and crop tops again, and my partner says I look fantastic. Thank you.' Mirriam N, Cape Town 2009

'Your creams and gels should be part of every ones travel pack!! Fantastic products!!' Mark H, SA, 2009

'I have tried tar creams, injections, and just about every other treatment for my eczema. Your gel cleared it up in a few days. Why did my doctor not know about it? It has made the quality of my life go from unbearable to great again. Many thanks.' Peter F, UK, 2009

'My acne was horrible. I hid away after school, and tried every thing. Nothing worked. Rachael gave me some of your 'Acne' and it was gone in about 4 days! I will always use this!! Thankyou so much.' Annie J, UK, 2010

'I hated my spots. Then I was sent 'Acne'. It took about 3 days, but then the spots were gone. My friends all use it now too.' Rachael H, UK, 2010

My skin was covered in spots. I had to take pills everyday, and I got stains on my teeth. Your 'Acne' gel has made me smile again, and the girls think I look great. Wow!! Paul K, Cape Town, 2010

'I use 'Rejuvenate' every day on my face and neck. Most people do not believe I am pushing 60 now - everyone guesses at 45 - 49. My skin has the best complexion ever now. Thank you so much for this.' Terri H, Cape Town, 2011

'Rejuvenate' has changed my life; I was scarred in an accident a few years ago. I saw your creams on the web. I could not afford to buy all of them I though I might need, so tried 'Rejuvenate'. Within a few weeks, people started to ask me what I was using as my scars were fading, and my skin looked so healthy. What an amazing product! Thanks so much. Swaeela K, India, 2011

'I love your products! They are the only organic range that really is organic! Most others have nasties in to make them last - yours do not. And I have the best every skin complexion now. Let me know when the next range is out for my children! Love, Shirley'. Shirley G, UK, 2011

'I was so sceptical when I heard about your range from my dentist! I mean, why would a dentist sell skin products? I felt I had to apologise to you! They are some of the most wonderful products I have ever used!! I travel with them, use them everyday, and tell my friends they need to stop using all the other stuff, and use yours that work! They really do do what you say they do!!' Faye B, France, 2011

'Your creams do everything you say they do. Not many come close to that. Thanks you!' Mary B, USA, 2011

'I was at one of your lectures where you spoke about your creams and skin products. After using them, I won't use anything else now. Thank you for sharing this.' Paulina G, Cape Town, 2012

'Organic formulations are the way to go forwards! Any one can make a skin cream. Very few can make a skin care range that is organic, and does what it claims to do! You manage both! Great products!' Henri B, Holland, 2012

'My dad had a pressure ulcer that would not heal. Your skin creams (Scar and Rejuvenate) saw the wound heal in 3 months. If I had not seen it, I would not have believed it possible. The nurses and doctors don't know what to say. Thank you again is so little for what you have done for my dad.' Dr Tony K, UK, 2012

'My ulcer would not heal for the past two years. My nurse suggested we try a cream that she had been given a sample of. We were both surprised when after a week it healed!! How do you do it?' Monica De W, Cape Town, 2012

'I have tried every thing to get my (diabetic) ulcer to heal. I was told I might have to loose my foot if it did not heal. 6 weeks after trying your 'Healing' cream, the ulcer has healed and I am hopping with joy!! I have my foot, and I am so grateful. Thank you - again!!' Marie K, Cape Town, 2013

'We doctors are inundated with 'new products' When your 'Infection' cream arrived, I thought 'not another one'! Then I got an infection under my toe nails, and my friend too. As a last resort, we both tried your cream. Within 3 weeks the infection was gone, and our toes were looking normal again. What a fantastic product!' Dr Mimi G, New Zealand, 2013

'Our guest house has never been the same since you left!! Every one loves the 'Rejuvenate' and 'After-Sun'. If you stop making it, what are we supposed to do??!! Hope to see you back soon, Jane.' Jane M, Australia, 2013

'So when are we going to have a children's range? And you promised one for us as we get older!! Call it 'Geriatrics'!! Hope to see you again soon, Mark.' Dr Mark G, UK, 2014

'Over the 15 years I've known you, you never stop or sit still. You have to re-invent your work! These skin creams are born from your passion and research. Dr Edward L, UK, 2014

I've just personally seen the results achieved with 'eczema' after one application by a life-long sufferer. Impressive! Piero W, South Africa 2014.
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