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I had an interesting query from one of our clients - Would 'TriStill' and 'Pro-Calm' help in Smoking Cessation programs? I believe these products would.
But of greater importance, Pro-Calm and TriStill offer significant additional properties, which is why not only should you be taking it, but you should be offering these products to your clients and patients.

Mood and Mind; Addition of forskolin greatly increased cortisol synthesis as anticipated, since forskolin forces glucocorticoid synthesis which is expected in a condition of stress. In both unstressed (basal) and stressed conditions (forskolin), addition of 1mg/ml Trimesemine™ signifcantly decreased adrenal cortisol synthesis. This was most likely the result of suppression of some adrenal enzymes vital to the steroid synthesis pathway, since the level of relevant hormone metabolites were also decreased.

DHEAs (dehydroepiandrosterone-sulphate) is a known antagonist to cortisol. In tests, Trimesemine® facilitated an increase in the synthesis of this hormone. This data very importantly indicates that the anti-stress effect observed in the cortisol data was not the result of a blanket inhibition of cell metabolism by Trimesemine®, but a true modulation of the steroid synthetic pathway ie it indicates specificity of action of Trimesemine®. The DHEAs data specifically has many implications for application as a therapeutic intervention.

1. As cortisol antagonist, the increased DHEAs synthesis suggest an even more efficient anti-stress action.
2. A higher DHEAs level has been linked to slower cognitive deterioration and improved memory.
3. Maintenance of DHEAs levels has a proven anti-ageing effect.

Androstenedione; An increased level of this hormone is associated with pathology of the prostate; the inhibitory effect of Trimesemine™ on this hormone has the potential for a huge impact in the treatment and protection of the prostate from cancer.

Hypertension; In terms of the aldosterone data, Trimesemine™ significantly decreased aldosterone levels. Since increased aldosterone is one of the major causes of hypertension, decreased levels suggest that Trimesemine™ might lower blood pressure. We are planning a follow-up study to further qualify these results with more relevant data.

Toxicity; Trimesemine™ was shown to have no adverse effect on cell viability. In fact viability of cells was significantly better after incubation in the presence of Trimesemine™ shown by one-way ANOVA analysis.

In conclusion, these products could have huge impact in the health and complementary medicine sectors in the near future.
You may want to consider taking and offering to your patients TriStill and/or Pro-Calm because of these additional properties;

1. Anti-stress and calming agent.
2. Slower cognitive deterioration and improved memory.
3. Maintenance of DHEAs levels has a proven anti-ageing effect.
4. Treatment and protection of the prostate from cancer.
5. Trimesemine™ lowers high blood pressure.
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