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The majority of Pro-Calm users use Pro-Calm virtually without any additional drugs as they have happy, calm and relaxed people whose pain thresholds are far higher. It's been a win-win for them. Pro-Calm and Entanox (Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen) work nicely together.
Are there any contraindications for using this in conjunction with Benzodiazepams in Conscious Sedation procedures?
Are there any Respiratory or Cardiac Effects?
There are no contra-indications, but it's reccomended to reduce the dosage of any other drugs that may be used to avoid potentiation. Pro-Calm can be used on it's own, or as part of a prep routine. Clients and patients are more relaxed, and the need for anxiolytics (oral or injectable) is reduced. This lowers the risk associated with Conscious Sedation.
None have been reported in the 15 years this product has been available. It's virtually impossible to overdose with Pro-Calm, but if it is intended follow with further standard anxiolytics then you can reasonably expect to lower the dosage of any anxiolytics (oral or injectable).
Are there any Drug Interactions?
As above. No interactions have been reported as it is reccomended Pro-Calm is used in the first instance as a preparation before any Conscious Sedation. Pro-Calm users report that they need reduced dosage of any anxiolytics (oral or injectable) it was intended to use.
Are there any Drug Interactions?
Just some of the comments from Pro-Calm Users.
I tried Pro-Calm personally for the first time last night and felt a pleasant calmness—used it on my wife too!
I have been using Pro-Calm for over 10 years. It's fast effect & calming effect is a huge win-win for my practice.
I'll tell you, it really works well.
I've tried it on myself three or four times at home and I can really feel myself getting sleepier and faster than normal.
I want to use it on the screaming kid on the airplane next time that I fly!
A little goes a long way. You only need a drop or two. Spread it on the neck and Voila!
I've only used it twice with pretty impressive results after only a few minutes.
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