GreyCell Pro-Calm Skin Gel, Capsules & Sceletium tortuosum (Mesembryanthemaceae) Usage Information

GreyCell Pro-Calm is a Sceletium based product that locks onto the brain cocaine receptors. It's a non-habit forming effective skin cream to calm anxious patients of all ages. GreyCell Pro-Calm is presented as a transdermal gel or as TriStill. Pro-Calm Gel can be applied on the ankles or back of neck. The active products can be measured in the blood stream 20-30 seconds after application and the effect lasts 20-40 minutes depending on amount applied and the age of the person. Pro-Calm is also available in Size '0' Capsules in 'Child'-5mg, 'Adult'- 15mg and 'Extra'-25mg

Pro-Calm Trans-Dermal gel has an ''earthy'' smell - typically African - from the plant extracts used. Put 3-6 pumps of the dispenser into your palms and spread / rub over the back of the person's neck or on their ankles. Pro-Calm Trans-Dermal gel is quickly absorbed into the skin and the effects are felt 30-40 seconds later. The calming effects are felt for 3-4 hours before the effect tails away. It is non-habit forming and this product is used to treat tik and cocaine addicts in South Africa.

Dosage; For the Capsules, 1-2 each day with water is enough to re-focus the easily distracted child or adult, or to effect a sense of relaxation and calm. From my own experience using Pro-Calm Gel for the last 10+ years, for infants 1 or 2 pumps are fine. For teenagers, 2 to 4 pumps, depending on their weight, and for adults, 3-8 depending on weight and frailty - so for example for an elderly person who is quite thin, I would start with 3 or 4 pumps, and see how settled they are within the first 5 to 10 minutes. I might then top them up after 20-30 minutes depending on what I am doing.

GreyCell Pro-Calm is safe for all ages - the dosage is between 1-2 capsules or 2 pumps to 6 or 8, as a rough guide. Remember this product effect & dosage will be weight-related, so heavier people will require a little more.For some of the more obese or anxious people, I would start on 4 or 6 pumps, see how they settle in the first 5-10 minutes and then consider adding in 2-4 additional pumps if they really have not settled at all.

Pro-Calm would definitely help infants (and parents!), young and old adults get through the pre-surgery panic attack, the event, and post-surgery blues, especially the acute post-surgery stage in infants and the young associated with frenum releases, tooth extraction or any surgery, without the heavy duty sedatives.

Side-Effects; Pro-Calm is not like Valium or some of the other anxiety/stress medications that people are often prescribed. Pro-Calm is only a mood elevator without any potential for dependency or withdrawal symptoms even after long-term usage.

If I had an adult person where I have pre-dosed with Pro-Calm, and then administered 2-3 re-doses during a prolonged procedure, I would warn them against signing legal documents without a 'mentor/3rd party' helping them, to avoid alcohol for 24 hours (although to date there is no concrete evidence that alcohol interferes or potentates the effect of Pro-Calm) and not to operate machinery found in industrial manufacturing. If possible, pre-planning should include querying if the person is able to come with a driver to make sure they get home safely if any clinician expects the procedure to be prolonged and where there may be a need for multiple doses.

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