All sales for GreyCell products are full payment on order placement
If you are a Distributor, 50% with order, 50% on order completion and before delivery. Please contact GreyCell Enterprises for further details.

If ordered through PayPal, then all products must be paid in full when you place your order and before delivery.

All Specials that are offered from time to time are payable only through PayPal and are open to all Clients. Specials run for a strict time-line that may be varied without further notice.

As all products are sourced from organic-certified farms, shortages may occur from time to time.

Shipping; All orders are shipped AirMail with a Tracking Number. If you require your order to be shipped by Courier, please contact GreyCell for costs. Please note that payment for ozone generators and units may not include packing, shipping and delivery. This will be quoted as a seperate item, and must be paid for in full before your goods are shipped and delivered.

GreyCell Enterprises are not responsible for Landing charges, Customs Duties, or Clearing fees. These will be advised by your local ports of entry and the relavent authorities.

Products; All Ozone Oils, Skin Creams and Dermal-Gels, Soap products are certified as manufactured from Organic Products and sourced from sustainable crops or wild sources.

Disclaimer; All information and images used are the property of GreyCell, or have been sourced from royality-free libaries or are used with permission from the source. If any image offends or origin is of concern, please contact the web administrator via
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