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Clinical Cases: Scar Treatment
Case 11 shows a knee injury that has healed with ''Keloid'' scarring. Keloid is where the tissue formed to repair the wound over grows and forms a raised welt-type repair that is unsightly and can cause considerable distress for both men and women alike.

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The good news is that keloid can be treated with 'Prolozone' therapy. Prolozone therapy was first described by Dr Frank Shallenberger in the USA. A mixture of proliferate vitamins and growth factors are injected below the scar, followed by ozone gas which both activates the reparative mechanisms, and reduces the colourr.

In this case, 5cc's of Prolozone mix and 10 cc's of ozone gas were infiltrated below and around the scare with local anaesthetic. This was carried out over 3 appointments 3-4 weeks apart. Pictures 3, 4 & 5 show how the keloid scar has flattened and changed colour to the surrounding 'normal' skin tissue.

This also works well on the face to treat wound scarring due to acne or chicken pox, or where surgery has been performed for broken facial bones or following accidents.