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Clinical Cases: Diabetic Leg Ulcer
Case 10 shows a lower leg ulcer, resulting from a thorn injury. The patient has had a skin graft that became infected with MRSA. The case is interesting, as it did not heal as expected. You will see the progression as you read, and how the treatment was modified. It also has important lessons to be learnt for therapists involving clinical history taking.

Picture 1 shows the ulcer at the first consultation.The ulcer is about 6-7mm deep, 8 cm long and 5 cm wide, with an angrey red inflammation around the area indicative of infection. Note that there is considerable tissue exudate from the ulcer. The foot has been scheduled for amputation. The medical history included a referral for blood flow to the limb before the skin graft was performed, and the tests showed all aspects of blood flow were 'normal'. The healing process reached a plateau, and despite ozone gas, ozonated oils and skin gels, there was been little progress. Pictures 2 and 3 show the progression to full depth infilling and coverage with new skin, after 12 months of treatment (3x each week).

Standard cupping / funnelling and gas-washing (Picture 4) was used to treat this ulcer. The funnell was adapted with silicone rubber mould material to seal around the leg and provide a seal at the edges. A exit port was made to allow unreacted ozone to be passed through a destructor. Ozone and Prolozone regenerative mix was injected below and around the healing ulcer to prevent wound re-infection and to eliminate any residual bacterial biomolecules. The Prolozone therapy 'feeds' the tissue regeneration process.

So what treatment was carried out, and what changed the healing potential for this patient? The first key was a referral to an Alternative Integrated Practitioner. The Patients medical history included past alcohol abuse. A referral to conventional assessment of blood flow to the limb showed it was normal. What the Integrated Practitioner picked up on was that the lymph drainage to this areas was damaged by the surgery to clean the MRSA and the damage to the liver. A weekly acupuncture session along the lymph lines unblocked these important tissue drainage lines, and healing is now rapidly progressing. The wound is drier, and healing will progress. The second key was Diet Counselling - as far as possible, sugars were cut out of the patient's diet and a number of supplements suggested. The third key was weekly wound debridement was carried out by a skin specialist to prevent opportunistic bacterial and fungal re-colonization.

Treatment Protocol for the first 6-months consisted of Daily Ozone, GreyCell Ls-O3, Ol-O3, and GreyCell 'Scar & Stretch' Trans-Dermal Skin-Gel; Weekly Acupuncture.
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