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Clinical Cases: Knee Injury
Case 9 shows a full-thickness knee injury into the joint capsule. This patient tripped whilst running.

The first step was to clean out all the debris from the road injury - grit, vegetation - and stop the bleeding and reduce the swelling. Pressure and ice for 20 minutes. Then ozone gas from the GreyCell Enterprises CMU4 for 10 minutes. Then ozonated oil, GreyCell Enterprises Ls-O3, was used to wash and flood the entire injury site. The tissue tears were sutured with layered Gortex sub-dermal sutures, and external sutures to draw the edges together for minimal tissue stretching. GreyCell Ls-O3 ozone oil was further applied for longer term infection and pain control.

The last pictures show scar tissue healing and closure, with full movement of the knee at 8 weeks. Flexure and movement of any joint tissue (in this case the knees) can extend the healing time, as the healing tissues are in constant movement.
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The wound has healed with keloid scaring, which for many is disfiguring and unsightly. The good news is that keloid can be treated with 'Prolozone' therapy. Prolozone therapy was first described by Dr Frank Shallenberger in the USA. A mixture of proliferate vitamins and growth factors are injected below the scar, followed by ozone gas which both activates the reparative mechanisms, and reduces the colourr.

In this case, 5cc's of Prolozone mix and 10 cc's of ozone gas were infiltrated below and around the scare with local anaesthetic. This was carried out over 3 appointments 3-4 weeks apart. Pictures 3, 4 & 5 show how the keloid scar has flattened and changed colour to the surrounding 'normal' skin tissue.

This also works well on faces and the body.