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Clinical Cases: Scalp Injury
Case 8 shows a full-thickness scalp injury. The patient (myself!) walked into a low door frame. As most dentists know, when you are in the middle of a busy treatment session, there is often not time to take off to get such injuries sorted out. And a trip to a local Casualty Department can turn into a full-day trip!

The first step was to stop the bleeding and reduce the swelling. Pressure and ice for 20 minutes. Then ozone gas from the GreyCell Enterprises CMU4 for 10 minutes. The ozonated oil, GreyCell Enterprises Ls-O3 for longer term pain control and to start the healing process.

The second picture shows the injury at 48 hours - the swelling has subsided, pain is controlled and a nice crust has formed. Treatment is daily ozone gas from the GreyCell CMU4 for 10 minutes as a 'gas-wash', GreyCell Ls-O3 application 4 times each day.

Picture 3 shows 5-days healing, and Picture 4 at 15 days after the initial injury, showing complete tissue closure and wound healing without the need for sutures. The treatment used for days 10 onwards was ozonated Olive Oil, GreyCell OL-O3. Both ozonated oils are SA MCC Accredited.
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