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Clinical Cases: Surfer's Ear
Case 7 is all about treating 'Surfers Ear'. Surfer's Ear is where cold water entering the ear canal leads to a gradual bone growth that restricts the ear canal, then finally closes it with accompanying deafness. As the ear canal constricts, water stagnates and becomes infected, leading to painful middle-ear infections.

Surfer's Ear is very common in cold water areas - South Africa and Australia - where wet suits may be used, but protective hoods and ear protectors are often not.

Tony is a regular surfer. He seldom wears a hood when he surfs. He has suffered from many ear infections, and routine antibiotics have not prevented his hearing loss. The active ear infection was treated with ozone gas delivered via a modified stethoscope, for 30 minutes, then placed GreyCell Enterprises Ls-O3 into each ear.

A simple prevention remedy is;

use 'Blue-Tack' or Pritt 'Sticky Stuff' (Press & Stick) to make ear protectors.
always surf with a full hood that covers your ears.
use GreyCell Ls-O3 - one drop in each ear - before you surf to prevent infection.
consider regular ozone ear insufflation to prevent and treat hearing loss.
use ozone insufflation to treat any active ear infection
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