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Clinical Cases: Treating Tissue Burns
Case 4 shows the feet of a diabetic patient. He has had no sensation for many years, so he is unaware when he injures himself. Being diabetic and the absence of sensitivity poses a number of issues for simular patients; injuries are very slow to heal, they become infected within days, they can lead to the formation of gangrene infections, with the loss of the limb and subsequent death.

In this case, the patient ran his own foot-bath. He did not test the water, which was so hot that it caused 3rd degree burns on both feet. He came for ozone treatment after 3-months of conventional dressing treatment.

The first session was a 45-minute bagging of both feet together, and then his feet were re-dressed in conventional creams due to a reluctance to change the treatment by the burn nurses.

Over time, he was persuaded to use the ozonated oil - GreyCell Enterprises 'Ls-O3' between sessions. The concentration of ozone gas was decreased from 100% to 60% to 40% over the next 5 weeks, and he then started to use a mix of GeyCell 'Scar' and 'Eczema' during the night. GreyCell 'Scar' contains a high proportion of Frankincense and Myrrh that accelerate the healing process. 'Eczema' contains skeletium extracts that effectively put the skin and wound areas to sleep, reducing the pain, and acceperating healing. During the day, he dresses the wounds with GreyCell 'Ls-O3' so avoiding getting oil stains on the family bedding.

At 3 weeks, the patient's feet now are well on the way to complete healing. As an added benefit, ozone has the ability to re-stimulate the nerve tissues. This patient now reports that for the first time in years - he cannot remember the last time he could feel his feet - he has returning sensation to both feet with sharp and heat sensations. This is great news, as he now will be able to feel damage and avoid injury in the future.
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