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Clinical Cases: MRSA Infection in Surgical Tattoo Removal
Case 3 is of a young lady who had a number of tatoos placed. She then decided to have these removed with a mix of bleaching, dermal abrasion, and finally, surgery to remove the tattooed area from her back. This was carried out under General Anaesthesia in a hospital setting. Her wound then became MRSA infected, and after a course of oral and IV antibiotics which had no result, she was referred for ozone therapy.

Stage 1 was to use ozone gas as a 'gas-wash'. In this application, ozone gas at gentle pressure is directed slowly over the entire surface in a 'washing' motion. This will help to control pain and teh MRSA infection. The upper torso was placed in a large bag with her head free, and the bag inflated with ozone at 100% for 30 minutes. Then ozonated water was used to wash the entire wound to remove debris.
Ozonated oils - GreyCell Enterprises 'Sf-O3' and 'He-O3' - were spread across the wound to control the MRSA infection and a dressing applied.

Note how she is holding herself in this typical 'rigid' pose. This is common when patients are in pain. By controling the tissue movement, the patient can control the pain experienced. As you view the photograph sequence, note how this pose changes as the infection is controlled, and the pain deminishes.

Once the infection was controlled, and she was out of pain, then the ozone concetration was reduced to 60%, for 30-minute bagging, and GreyCell 'Scar' was applied with GreyCell 'Av-O3'.

The final photograph shows complete healing. The 'islands' have seeded across the wounds, and new skin tissue has grown. The new skin was a little photosensitive for 4-6 months, but now the patient reports that her back is 'just like it used to be!' The islands have filled up and flattened, and her back looks normal with very slight residual photosensitivity.

She describes the decision to have the tatoos placed as 'a moment of madness' and regrets the decision. Where tatoos are highly coloured and black, laser removal is not an option. Dermal scrubbing or complete surgical removal are the only options.
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