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Clinical Cases: Treatment for Ulcerated Heels
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Case 1. This is one of the first cases I was involved in. The patient suffered a CVA and whilst in hospital, developed pressure sores on the back of both feet. The starting photo is after 4 months of conventional dressings. There is limited repair.

The second photo shows the same feet 6 weeks later. One side is virtually closed, the other has new granulation tissue seeding from the ulcer edges. For this case, ozonated GreyCell Enterprises 'Sf-O3' was used 3-times each day. This was a very early case, and the benefits of bagging and treating with ozone gas were not known.

Now I would use ozone gas in deminishing concentrations over the treatment time administered as 30-minute treatment sessions, both feet in a single large bag, followed by GreyCell 'Ls-O3' during the day x 3 applications, and a single night-time application of a mix of GreyCell 'Scar' and 'Excema' Trans-Dermal Skin Gels.
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