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Welcome to GreyCell Enterprises, Part of the GreyCell and The Intelligent Choice Group;

The GreyCell Group comprises of 5LK OzoneClinic, GreyCell Technical Services, GreyCell Enterprises, GreyCell Advantage and our Research area, The-O-Zone & GreyCell Ozone.

GreyCell Enterprises manufactures skin creams and trans-dermal gels, ozone-treated oils, liquids, ozone equipment and health-care products.

GreyCell New Products

New products for 2015;

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New Products
5LK OzoneClinic Opens in 2015

5LK OzoneClinic opens for medical ozone therapies to treat a wide variety of infections, complaints, ulcers and general conditions.
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5LK OzoneClinic

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GreyCell Advantage
GreyCell Advantage

GreyCell Advantage is our new Loyalty Scheme - Earn Advantage Points and use these for discounts, product and more. Part of the Intelligent Choice Group.
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'GreyCell Enterprises; promoting innovation in healthcare for the ultimate benefit of people around the world.'